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Two photographs taken during shunting to allow depot clearance in readiness for winter works. These were taken on 27th November 2005 and show the current progress on Horse Car L 53.   (Photos S. G. Hyde)           

The removal of the last of the granite setts has been completed and the last sections of floor concreted. This work has resulted in easier and safer walking and also make keeping the workshop area clean much easier.


The photographs above were taken on 7th May 2006. The left hand shot shows the depot interior with the trams sheeted for protection during the roof works and the one on the right shows the wall plaque from the original tram depot on Queens Road commemorating the inauguration of the electric tramways. The signs of deterioration are obvious and it is intended to remove this from its present position adjacent to the siding, restore it and then mount it more prominently on the outside of the museum building.


The two picture above also taken on May 7th 2006 show the scale of the roof deterioration with well established vegetation and damage to the tiles etc. The sundial tower shows the problems in detail. Much of the damage is due to the presence in close proximity of large trees and much of this scrub was been cleared last winter.

Plans have been drawn up for the construction of a new archive room which it is hoped to complete during the renovations programme. This will create space for office accommodation for the operations section and storage for shop stock in the old archive room. Space will be available to allow the opening up and study of drawings. All in all this project will result in greatly improved conditions for the collection (and archivist!).

Update 8th October  2006.

At last we have access to the repaired building and on first viewing it was worth the wait. Not only has the entire roof been repaired (not a sign of rain water inside!!) but the inside of the roof has been repainted brilliant white and new lighting has been installed. The entire electrical system has been renewed to modern standards and the whole impression is greatly improved, it seems a shame to clutter it with bits of trams!

We are now preparing our schedule of works for the winter and prioritising the various tasks that lie ahead so that when we reopen in the spring we will present a more professional image. A new exhibition is to be constructed as the first priority followed hopefully by the new archive facility already mentioned.


The trams will  not operate now until the start of the 2007 season at Easter.It is planned that fares will be: Adult 1, Child 50p, Family (2 adults plus 2 child) 2.50 In addition annual Travelcards will be available priced at Adult 5, Child 2.50 and Family 10, these will be valid for the entire 2007 operating season. Watch this site for further announcements.

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